The second set is done, just before my hiatus! This time it’s the turn of the people from Deepsea town, including non-anthropomorphic characters too.

They’re transparent! : o

First set / Second set

I had wanted to draw Rieta in a scarf again for a while, and I guess now’s a good moment for that.

I had wanted to draw Rieta in a scarf again for a while, and I guess now’s a good moment for that.

Yeah, occasional OC doodle dump again, with some relatively new portraits. Doodle commentary under the readmore as always!

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Hiatus announcement and some other stuff!


   Alright, first of all, I want to thank everyone who made suggestions for the palette challenge! Even those whose suggestions I have not drawn (really sorry for that ;v;); since I’m not accepting new ones anymore I’ll save them in case I decide to do more palette stuff in the future! I really didn’t expect to get so many of them fskdlfjdskfj. ;v;

   Anyways, what I wanted to tell all of you is that I’ll be on a quite long hiatus starting from this Saturday. Two friends will be staying over at my house for three weeks approximately, so I won’t go on the computer much. I’ll still check tumblr occasionally, just in case, but I don’t think I’ll be posting anything. I’m sure I’ll still draw a lot traditionally, though, so I may bring some stuff to post once I get back!

Also, here’s a small list of stuff I’d really like to finish this summer:

- Wadanohara sprite edits! The second set is almost done, so I’ll probably finish it before the hiatus : oo

- My game. Really. I want to finish The Stairway once and for all. This is important. The title screen is not done yet so I’ll try to make it before the hiatus too, at least.

- Two fanart things I sketched some weeks ago. I thought about streaming at least one of them but we’ll see about that!

- OC portraits for my charahub page.

Sooo yeah, that’s basically it. Thank you very much and hope you’re having a great day! ´ w `

Yeah, it’s done! This one was a beautiful palette. Thank you very much! *v*

Done! Isane is so precious ;vv; Thank you very much!

It was hard to choose because I like a lot of them, but in the end I went with Fluorette! I really like both her design and Answered Prayers so much. ;v;

Thank you very much!! *v*

Took a break from palettes today to try out Emofuri! Still have to get the hang on it because most of the sample animations looked a bit wonky but aaaaaaaa she’s alive ;vv;

Aaaa this has made me remember just how much I used to love this series ;vvv; She was one of my favorites!

Of course you can! Thank you very much! ´ w `

Fun fact: it’s exactly midnight right now in here.

Thank you very much!! I missed drawing Touhou characters! ;v;

YES YOU MAY Here’s your Ange!! It was fun painting with this palette, specially the hair! ´ w `

Done! This palette was very nice to work with, it fits her pretty well! :’DD

Aaaah this one took so long… why do you do this to me, Toni. Anyways, there she is!

I wish I could erase my memory of this game to play it again like the first time. I got so much Xenoblade nostalgia while drawing this, seriously. Probably because I was listening to this ;_;

Third and last one for today!! Thank you! ´ w `